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Receive and code

CondoWorks offers easy methods of invoice submission designed to be comfortable for both you and your vendors. All key information from the invoice is automatically extracted.

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Auto-download utility bills

CondoWorks will log in to utility portals, download bills, and upload them on your behalf, saving you hours of time.

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Easy invoice submission

Submit invoices by email or upload the file directly to CondoWorks.

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Auto-code invoices

Code invoices in seconds, or set up invoices from specific vendors to  be coded automatically by CondoWorks.

Approve and post

CondoWorks provides one-click approval, with backup and prior invoices in view. Once an invoice is approved, CondoWorks exports it directly to your accounting system, no data entry required.

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No data entry

All key information is extracted and recorded by CondoWorks.

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Approval rules

Set up a clear workflow and have the option to only see invoices that require your attention.

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Compare past bills

Easily view related invoices to track and compare your expenses.

Pay with ease

As an optional feature, CondoWorks offers a variety of payment methods at a low cost. Eliminate the pain of signing and sending checks - CondoWorks can do this for you.

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Automated checks

Easily send signed checks to pay your vendors through CondoWorks.

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Pay from anywhere

CondoWorks allows you to create, approve, and send a payment regardless of where you are located.

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Low-cost electronic payments

CondoWorks offers easy and low-cost electronic payments in the US and Canada.

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