Accounts Payable Automation for
RENT manager

Eliminate manual data entry, seamlessly route invoices for approvals, and reduce the cost of payment processing with the CondoWorks <> Rent Manager integration.

CondoWorks makes accounts payable a breeze by automating receiving, approving, posting, and paying invoices.

Through a seamless integration with Rent Manager, your client's books will be accurate, your vendors happy, and your team can do more.
  • Eliminate Data Entry
    Key invoice data is automatically extracted and seamlessly synced to Rent Manager once approved.

  • One-click Digital Approvals
    Don't wait for invoices & cheques to be shuffled back and forth - approve electronically and drastically reduce your AP cycle time.

  • Paperless Record Keeping
    Ditch the filing cabinet or digital folders. CondoWorks will store digital invoices and automatically upload files directly to Rent Manager.

  • Vendor Compliance
    CondoWorks will help keep your vendors in-check, with duplication screening and insurance compliance alerts.

  • Auto-download Utility Invoices
    CondoWorks connects directly to your online utility portals and downloads the invoices so you don’t have to.

  • Hassle-free Payments
    No more printing, signing, and mailing cheques. Once an invoice is cleared for payment, CondoWorks will handle it from there.

  • Work from Anywhere
    No need to be in the office, run your AP processes from wherever you are.

  • Audit-Proof Books
    CondoWorks keeps a complete record of invoice routing and approvals, giving you peace of mind.

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