CondoWorks Easy Utility Automated Solution

CondoWorks automatically downloads utility invoices (e.g. power, hydro, heat, gas, waste, insurance invoices) directly from online portals so you don't have to.

Utility Invoices can be a PAIN for Management Companies

When someone hears the words “utility invoice” the reaction is usually somewhere between a wince and full blown tears!

Some common challenges we see:

  • High volume, and some properties with multiple accounts or meters
  • Skipped invoices or delays in the mail
  • Having to log into multiple accounts to download invoices
  • Tedious data entry into the accounting system

This can result in:

  • Penalties/late fees and shut off warnings
  • Lost invoices
  • Creating expedited or separate workflows
  • Time and effort that can be better spent elsewhere

CondoWorks can help solve this pain by automatically downloading invoices directly from online portals.

How It Works

         CondoWorks can connect directly to online account portals, and monitor them for new invoices. When a new invoice is available online, CondoWorks will automatically download the invoice file.          

The invoice is then processed and CondoWorks will perform automatic data extraction to identify key invoice information such as the Number, Date, Amount and even usage period and account number. This can then be easily posted to your accounting system without the need for any manual data entry.





Interested in learning more about how CondoWorks can make Utility Invoices super easy?


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