CondoWorks announces Yardi Voyager Integration

CondoWorks integrates with Yardi Voyager to provide end-to-end AP automation. Save time, effort, and costs with this latest industry-leading integration.

CondoWorks is expanding its accounts payable (AP) automation platform with its latest integration with Yardi Voyager

CondoWorks, an accounts payable (AP) automation platform, announced its latest integration with Yardi Voyager. This integration will allow Yardi Voyager customers to add industry leading AP automation capabilities, and reduce the time, effort, and cost of AP.

“We are excited to bring the benefits of automation to the Yardi world!” said CondoWorks Co-founder Braedon Hebert. “Yardi has a large and broad customer base, and whether they manage condos, HOAs, residential, commercial, (or all of the above!), we expect that our tech-first solution will resonate with the Yardi ecosystem.”

CondoWorks has seen accelerating growth over the past year, bringing their software capabilities to 8 accounting/ERP integrations and expanding across the US and Canadian markets.

CondoWorks began its journey in 2019, when founders realized the need to bring more modern practices to the property management industry. It is common for property management companies to use manual processes for their AP, such as printing invoices, entering data by hand, and cutting checks.

In using CondoWorks, this process can be automated, saving companies precious time and money. With a focus on the property management industry, CondoWorks is built to handle unique challenges such as multiple legal entities, multiple utility accounts, and invoice approval workflows.

CondoWorks is an automated Accounts Payable platform designed specifically for property management companies (condo/HOA/commercial/residential). It creates a rapid and paperless process to automate receiving, coding, approving, and paying invoices that seamlessly syncs with the existing accounting system.

Key benefits of CondoWorks include:
- Eliminating data entry: invoice data is automatically extracted and seamlessly synced to the accounting system
- Sending payments with ease: no more printing, signing, and mailing cheques. All this is managed online
- Managing utility invoices: CondoWorks directly connects to online utility portals and downloads invoices as they are released

Should your company be interested in CondoWorks + Yardi integration, please contact

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